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Tank 3






Pearl/Spiral Shell


$2,000/3,500 shells

Beetlemunchers are seen in Tank 3 of Adventure Mode, Time Trial Mode, and Challenge Mode. It is cyan in color, has large white eyes, two short legs and a short tail. It eats beetles which are from guppycrunchers. In Adventure Mode, Time Trial Mode and Challenge Mode, it costs $2000, and drops pearls worth $500.

Virtual Tank

In Virtual Tank, beetlemunchers are sold for 3,500 shells and drop spiral shells. Each of these is worth 10 shells.


Main Article: Cookie

Cookie is a special beetlemuncher. Instead of eating beetles, it eats Fish Food. Its special ability is that he can feed your Virtual Tank fish that eats special food. From time to time, he will flash white three times, then drop a random special food. 


  • The name of Beetlemuncher sprites in the game's files is "gekko".
  • It seems that the beetlemuncher is like a mixture between a tadpole and a chameleon.
  • It has the head and eating habits (insects) of a chameleon and the tail of a tadpole (it lives in the water and doesn't breath air like a tadpole too).
  • In Insaniquarium: Revenge of the Fish, a beetlemuncher takes the place of Gus. However, it eats fish food, just like Cookie in virtual tank. The only difference between Cookie and Gus as the beetlemuncher is that it also eats the fish (or aliens as equivalent of them in this game) and everytime it eats, it also reduces his health.


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