Blip the Porpoise
Blip the Porpoise

Unlocked After:

After you completed Tank 3-4




Provides you with info that helps you better combat aliens and keeps your fish fed.

Based on:



Swimming around the tank


3 X 10000 coins

Blip is a white porpoise. He is known to many players as the best pet in the game. He is unlocked after completing Tank 3-4.


Blip is often a good pet to pick in almost every level. This is because of Blip's helpful abilities, which are telling when fish are hungry before they turn green, locating where aliens will enter the tank and opening all purchase options at the start of the game. Though in Challenge Mode, his usefulness is limited because once a purchase option is opened, its price will steadily increase; and since Blip opens all purchase options at the beginning, it will thus be harder to finish the level.


Blip wrestled for years with his psychic abilities. He was shunned as a child by the other fish who hated him for being able to tell when they were hungry. Then one day, Blip got a bad feeling about a certain area of the tank. He didn't tell anyone, though, because everyone was mean to him. After all the other fish were killed, Blip felt guilty and vowed to only use his powers for good.


  • Blip is often mistaken by a number of people as a Beluga Whale, or even as a Dolphin.
  • Sometimes, people may say that Blip is a female, this is untrue, however; as his story refers to Blip as a he.
  • Blip is most likely the second best Pet in the game, second only to Presto. Which means he is good in almost every part of the game, except Tank 5 (where none of the Pets are helpful), and in Challenge mode.
  • If you change Presto into Blip, wait until all the purchase options are unlocked, then change him to another pet, the purchase options will still be unlocked.


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