Gash the Shark
Gash the Shark

Unlocked after :

After you completed Tank 4-3




Viciously attacks aliens, but snacks on one of your guppies from time to time

Based on:



Swims around the tank


3 X 50,000 coins

Gash is an orange shark. He helps you by attacking aliens, but eats one of your guppies from time to time. He is unlocked after completing Tank 4-3.


Gash is the most powerful attacking pet, the others attacking pets being Itchy, Rufus and Stanley. For every bite, he deals an equivalent damage to a Level 8 laser. Though, he eats one of your guppies from time to time, so he isn't picked often by players. However, he is more useful in Tank 4, because of Breeders, so losing one guppy is not a big problem like in other Tanks.


Gash used to be one of Itchy the Swordfish's best friends until Itchy left him for dead in a violent alien attack. Now, years later, Gash roams the tank trying to settle the score with the aliens and perhaps one day... with Itchy as well!


In Tank 4, you can freely use Gash, due to the fact of you having a breeder, so the price of one guppy won't be that alarming. If breeders aren't available, Prego can be used as replacement. If both are not present, Gash won't be much of a help, unless you can afford 100$ for a guppy.


  • He is named after a gash, which is a deep cut or wound. His ability is to bite into aliens, causing them to have cuts, bruises, or wounds.
  • It is one of the two pets which kill Guppies, the other being Amp.
    • However, Gash is the only pet that eats Guppies (food Guppies in VT).
    • This does not count Shrapnel as only his bombs kill fish.
  • Gash is likely based on a great white shark. So he would only take up a small part of the tank, however, his length was made a lower value.
  • Gash eats normally one fish soon before and one fish soon after an alien attack. He normally doesn't eat a fish before the first alien attack of the tank.
  • According to the story, Gash is one of Itchy's friends mentioned in Itchy's story.
  • Gash does not attacks aliens during final boss battle.
    • This trait is shared with Itchy and Rufus.
  • He is one of the pets that causes a game over if the last guppy (as long as there is no other fish type) is eaten by him. The other is Shrapnel if his bombs hits the last fish.
  • If transformed into by Presto, he will immediately eat a guppy.This is likely done so that players won't simply transform him into Gash and immediately transform him back into another pet for a penalty-free Gash.


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