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Itchy the Swordfish
Itchy The Sword Fish




Tank 1-3




Entire Tank


ITCHY helps you by attacking aliens when they appear.



Itchy is a cyan swordfish with purple fins and a purple tail. Itchy does damage to aliens when he attacks them. Itchy is obtained in Tank 1-3.


Itchy combats against alien attacks and, with every swipe of his swordfish nose, he does about the equivalent of a Level 1 Laser. Until an alien appears, he will swim around happily.

Itchy is useful in the first tank, but there are other Pets (Rufus, Gash, and Stanley) which are capable of doing much more damage then Itchy. Gash is better at fighting, but the price (he eats a guppy every once in a while) is too high to pay in Tank 1. Later on in Tank 2, 3 and 4, Itchy doesn't help very much, so Gash or Rufus are best for these tanks. Itchy often attacks only Balrog, Sylvester or Gus, but Gash is much better at battling Psychosquid or Bilaterus and Rufus is useful against Destructor or Ulysses


"Itchy wasn't always the grizzled, alien-attacking warrior that he is today. In fact, he used to be a watercoloring, vegan pacifist... Until one day an alien invaded Itchy's tank. Itchy tried to reason with the alien, but it wouldn't listen. The alien ate Itchy's friend and this is when Itchy swore a blood oath to kill all aliens!"


  • Itchy might be named after the fact that he could scratch aliens with his nose, causing them to be itchy.
  • Gash was Itchy's best friend.
  • Itchy is the weakest of all fighting pets, with a strength equivalent to a level 1 laser.
  • Itchy, like Rufus and Gash, does not fight any aliens during the final boss fight.


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