50,000 Shells






Bag O' Shells


Musical Genius, Voracious


Los Angeles, California


Likes to intimidate other fish by playing the music of Wagner.

Kilgore is a violet, red-finned ultravore that is occasionally available for purchase in The Fish Emporium for 50,000 shells. Like other ultravores, Kilgore eats carnivores and drops bags of shells but also has the special ability to play music by the famous composer Richard Wagner.

Kilgore is known to begin playing Ride of The Valkyries when it is hungry and makes the same slurping sound when eating as other voracious fish, however, it will not roar unless it is singing a tune. In this case, it will interrupt its own performance to roar.

Unlike other musical geniuses, Kilgore is incapable of singing multiple songs. Additionally, the only song it does know will be an extended version every time and will not receive an applause when it ends. Kilgore is the only fish that can sing the extended version of Ride of The Valkyries, which is 1:28 long.


  • Unlike other Musical Genius fish where extended songs receive an applause, Kilgore's music does not get one.
  • It is possible to feed Kilgore when he is hungry and singing at same time without being interrupted, but precise timing is required.
  • Kilgore is the only colored fish that isn't a guppy or carnivore.

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