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Mini-Sylvester and its food.
DavidChuaYMAdded by DavidChuaYM
A Mini-Sylvester is a minion of Cyrax that has been domesticated and readily avaliable to the lucky and rich buyer. A rare and expensive fish but unlike aliens of the other tanks it won't even dream of attacking after you started to care for it. After a week (rough estimate) it will burst into the big fully grown Sylvester, just like you would fight in Tanks 1 and 2. A Mini-Sylvester costs 15,000 shells for a normal one and right off can drop spiral shells worth 10 shells a piece! They sell for 15,000 full refund before 24 hours, 7,500 shells after 24 hours, and finally 22,500 shells after growing. A fully grown Sylvester drops the coveted Bag-O-Shells worth 20 shells a piece! They almost pay for themselves after growing.

Mini-Sylvesters eat carnivores while adults eat ultravores.


  • Mini Sylvesters never eat food smaller than them. As baybies, they eat carnivores, and as adults they eat ultravores. Both of these fish are about 1.5 times their size.
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