A list of every mod for the game. NOTE: Only put fan stuff here, and not on any other page.

Insaniqualien/ Revenge of the fish

Insaniqualien is the first complete mod of Insaniquarium. Most fish are replaced with aliens and vice versa. A few examples are: Huge carnivore (replaces Sylvester) and Gash the Shark (replaces Balrog). The final boss is an evil alien mastermind riding a u.f.o. Ironically, it is an ALIEN.Your Objective it very similar feed Aliens Kill Fish!

Plants vs. Zombies mod

Developed by the independent Bejeweled 2 Mods Team, this mod overhauls some of the pets into plants and aliens into zombies.

Bejeweled mod

Also from the Bejeweled 2 Mods Team, this is an overhaul of some game elements including the user interface and soundtrack.

Zoom mod

A mod by 1033Forest. It will be released on January 28, 2017. Inspired by the 1999 PBS Kids show ZOOM. This is just a mod of backdrops and menus; none of the fish, pets or aliens will be modified.


[Insaniquarium Guide] [The Bejeweled 2 Mods Team fanpage]

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