Pets can be combined in any game mode to provide effective results and make game play efficient.


Alien Offense

Any combination of Itchy, Rufus, Gash, and/or Stanley can make disposing of aliens quick when used together. If Gash is chosen, Prego can be used to keep the guppy population slightly afloat.

Alien Defense

Wadsworth and Gumbo can maximize the protection of guppies and breeders in significantly more dangerous tanks, such as Tank 3 and Tank 4.

Diamond Production

Mostly effective in Tank 4, Amp can be used to electrocute the excessive amount of fish spawned by breeders and revived by Angie and Presto as a second Angie to increase the amount of fish returned.

Money Collection #1

Clyde, Nimbus, and Seymour are an excellent set to collect larger amounts of money. Seymour and Nimbus prevent money from disappearing quickly while Clyde collects. If at least four pets have been unlocked, Meryl can be added to increase cash production.

If at least seven pets can be used in Virtual Tank Mode, these three pets can ensure shells almost never go to waste.

Money Collection #2

Another team for collection uses Seymour, Stinky, and Rhubarb that allows money a chance to stay off the ground and remain on the ground for a longer amount of time before Sticky collects it.


Pair Prego with Zorf, especially in earlier stages, to get a good flow from the start. Prego will produce many guppies and Zorf will help in keeping them well-fed.

Screensaver Mode

Presumably, a player will have mostly guppies and carnivores in their Virtual Tank near the beginning of game play. Zorf, Prego, and Stinky are an effective combination to feed the fish, encouraging them to drop money and allowing Stinky to collect it.

With four pets unlocked, Brinkley can be added to feed starcatchers or Presto as a second Prego to feed more carnivores or guppycrunchers.

With seven pets, a Money Collection team can be introduced to the tank to prevent as many shells from disappearing or an Alien Offense team to used with the Alien Attractor.