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The screen-saver trick entails the player to run virtual tank without having to do anything.

It requires at least the 7 pet upgrade and even better the 11 pet Sandbox effect.

Pets needed: Stinky, Zorf, Clyde, Prego, Meryl, Seymour, Itchy, Gash, Vert, Brinkley, and Stanley.

Stinky and Clyde collect shells, Zorf and Prego feed your fish, Meryl and Seymour help with the shell obtaining process, Brinkley and Vert can get you extra shells, Gash, Itchy, and Stanley are only required if you use the Alien Attractor and can kill the aliens for you. You might need Cookie the Exotic Food Beetlemuncher for your more exotic fish to eat. The more fish that drop better valued shells the faster accumulating a huge amount of shells becomes. This is also what makes screen-saver mode entirely possible, but it can easily work just running virtual tank mode to collect shells. This trick is useful if using the Virtual Tank as the screensaver.

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