Shrapnel the Robot Fish 2
Shrapnel the Robot Fish

Unlocked After:

After you completed Tank 3-2




Drops bombs that blow up fish on contact but gives lots of cash when clicked

Based on:

Robot fish


Drifts through the tank


3 X 3000 coins

Shrapnel is a robotic fish with red steely eyes, a grey body, and red propelors. He drifts around the tank and drops bombs occasionally.


Shrapnel releases a bomb every 18 seconds. He flashes white shortly before releasing a bomb. Bombs are worth $150 in Adventure Mode and 5 Shells in Virtual Tank. Shrapnel gives an average of $8.33/sec, which is the highest of all direct money producing pets (the others are Niko $6.25/sec, Vert $5.83/sec). This makes it quite effective early on, but becomes less so later on when there is more danger of blowing up on a fish.


When talking about Shrapnel, the main question is usually: What are the market forces of supply and demand that result in Shrapnel's bombs being worth $150? Alan Fishspan, chairman of the Federal Shell Reserve answers: "This is a response to the current low rate on 30 year mortgages, combined with the strong performance of the Euro against the dollar."


  • He is named after shrapnel, which are the fragments of an object thrown out after an explosion.
  • He appears to be a wind-up robot, due to his key as his dorsal fin.
  • He resembles a robotic ultravore.
  • When there is one fish left and his bombs hit the last fish, he is one of the pets that causes a game over. The other is Gash if the last guppy (as long as there is no other fish type) is eaten by him.
  • He is the only pet in Insaniquarium: Revenge of the Fish to not change its appearance.

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