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Tank 4 Backdrop

Tank 4 is the hardest tank in all of Insaniquarium. Guppies are harder to get. Prices have increased dramatically. Do you have what it takes to finish this tank?

Theme: Treasure


Tank 4-1 - Nimbus The Manta Ray is a white manta ray which tosses up coins and fish food to the top of the tank. Price: $9000

Tank 4-2 - Amp The Electric Eel can electrocute your tank which kills all your guppies in exchange for Diamonds. Price: $75000

Tank 4-3 - Gash The Shark is an orange shark who deals the most damage to aliens, but will eat one of your guppies from time to time. Price: $150000

Tank 4-4 - Angie The Angelfish can revive dead fishes, but only if the corpse is still there. Price: $225000

Tank 4-5 - Cyrax The Evil Alien Mastermind is the leader of the aliens who have been attacking your aquarium. He's not really a pet, but he is what you get after beating the level. Price: $299997


Bilaterus - an alien with two heads. Both heads must be defeated to truly defeat Bilaterus.


Breeder - the only way to get guppies is by taking care of a breeder. Once she grows into her medium size, she gains the ability to give birth to baby guppies, just like Prego. Price: $200

Ultravore - a large fish who drops Treasure Chests. Each treasure chest gives the player $2000. The ultravore is pretty much the key to finish Tank 4, though due to its large size, it is the most vulnerable to aliens. Price: $10000

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