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Tank 4






Treasure Chest/Bag O' Shells


$10,000/10,000 Shells



Ultravores are first available in Tank 4. They eat Carnivores (the game did not prank you, they do eat carnivores), and in Adventure Mode, drop Treasure Chests, worth $2,000. Despite its ferocious appearance (and behavior), it is vulnerable to Aliens just like any other fish in your tank (if not more so because of how big they are). When Ultravores are hungry, they turn from white/silver into green. On the other hand, when they die, they turn upside down, turn back to white/silver, make a gargling sound, and their eyes turn from red to black.

Movements of an Ultravore

Ultravores have same eyes and a scowl connecting them that they resemble Balrog, and because of this amateurs mistake these fish as alien monster fish that help aliens in their job, and others think they cannibalise each other, but they are quite an asset to players trying to get $99,999 for the final egg (Tank 4-5).

Virtual Tank

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Ultravore Artwork

In Virtual Tank mode, normal Ultravores can be bought for 10,000 Shells and drop Bags O' Shells. There is a exotic food-eating Guppy called Rocky in The Fish Emporium that eats Ultravores, but he is very rare, so don't spend every single day trying to find him. The store-bought Sylvester also eats Ultravores. The Fish Emporium also sells a purple Ultravore named Kilgore. Kilgore isn't just like any other Ultravore; he roars and can sing a song written by Wagner.


Even though they give a lot of money, it's sometimes hard to take care of Ultravores. If you are planning an Ultravore Saturation strategy, it is suggested you have Blip in your tank, as their huge size make them very easy for Aliens to eat. With Blip, you can always get ready and make sure that any Ultravores are safe. Ultravores are $10,000 each but if you choose the right pets and keep them alive, they will pay for themselves in no time. Though they give a lot of money from the treasure chests you may want the four pet upgrade for maximum money making.

Note: If you use Gumbo in your Tank during an alien attack, your Ultravores will not follow him (nor will your Carnivores, Guppycrunchers, Starcatchers or Beetlemunchers in any Tank).


  • It resembles a placcoderm, an extinct primitive group of fishes that had armor in their bodies.The most well-known member is Dunkleosteus, which Ultravore resembles the most.
  • It makes the slowest, lowest pitched dying sound.


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