Fish that are described to have a very special diet will have a carnivorous diet. For example, a guppy can prefer carnivores instead of the usual fish food and will completely ignore any fish food in the tank. Fish with this attribute will prefer guppies, carnivores, or ultravores instead of their usual fare.

Rocky - Rocky is a small guppy and voracious eater that eats ultravores despite being disproportionately smaller than them.


Assuming January 1st of 2017 is day 1 and December 31st is day 365, fish with the very special diet attribute are available from The Fish Emporium on days that begin with an odd number and end in a 1 as in 11, 31, 51, and so on.


  • A breeder that has this attribute can have a preference for guppies, allowing them to feed themselves by eating their own offspring.

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